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In our quest for knowledge and learning new technologies, we do a lot of researching , reading and community activities . Sometimes we find many topic that we think worth sharing for the benefit of our clientsand other web professionals all over the world. Enjoy and participate by commenting and sharing. 

Another use of good responsive web design : Facebook fan page

We just found our responsive website perfectly adapts in to facebooks' fan page view port. Its an added bonus of creating a responsive website. We can have the same website and all its functionality functionality in the facebook fanpage at no extra cost. Read more about responsive web designing here on the Wikipedia.

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We can identify few types of widely used themes for Facebook apps.

1 Welcome Pages:
2 Intro/About Us
3 Contests:
4 Promos/Coupons:
5 Cross-promotion: 
6 Topical Discussion: 
7 Shopping: F-commerce , eCommerce
8 Live Events: 
9 Theme/Content Tabs:


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More Examples of Facebook fan page Tab Applications from our portfolio.

facebook page tab app srilanka sample design

Joomla 3.0 Sneak Peek! | Mobile ready Joomla is coming soon

Joomla 3.0 is due in September and the team have been hard at work bringing the next era of Joomla to life.

One of the most important changes will be an overhaul of Joomla's design. Both the visitor and administrator areas are being redesigned from top-to-bottom.

The next web revolution will be the mobile revolution. As hundreds of millions more people come online, many of them will only be using mobile devices. Our aim is make Joomla 3.0 completely mobile-friendly, while still remaining recognizably Joomla.


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Gideon Sundback honoured in a Google doodle

google doogle zip inventor Gideon Sundback

Latest doodle is a giant zipper running down the search engine's homepage marking the birthday of the zip's inventor

Read more from source if the news


Are All Search Engines the Same?

seo provider in sri lanka Search engines basically operate the same, but it's the minor differences that determine if your website is relevant to a search result or not...

For Yahoo and Bing, keyword factors are most relevant. For Google, relevant links are the most important factor. Yahoo has no preference for sites with respect to age. Google, on the other hand, will rank a site for its age and longevity. Google respects website maturity.

Because of these differences, the smart marketer or web designer will study the differences in search engines and use their indexing platforms to his or her advantage. If your plan is to conquer more than one search engine, you'll need to optimize carefully and know how each search engine is likely to respond.


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