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Evernote servers were Hacked and now the hackers started phishing on harvest!

Last Saturday, Evernote website was hacked .The Redwood City-based company which owns the award winning note taking service said in a post published late Saturday that an attacker had been able to access sensitive customer information and that every user would have their account reset "in an abundance of caution."

But it seems not enough to protect their clients as the attackers have already started to send phishing emails to the list of email addresses . The below is one email which was sent to one of our employees. It looked so genuine, We can say the probem is not any where near close for Evernote and its clients!

The reason for the attackers to start phishing is that the encrypted passwords on the websites data cannot be easily decrypted. So they have opted to the easy solution , to ask from the user himself by sending a fake email that re-directs to a fake evernote like website to collect your password! How clever is  that ? 

Anyway, we should now triple check the links before we click and provide password as these type of threats are becoming very common . Luckyly  Web developers at Evernote had stored passwords encrypted so the attackers were unable to read them easily, but the total 50 Million users email addresses were leaked and that is a huge problem for information security of the users. 


Fig : Phishing evernote users by Email attempt: 

 evernote phishing email beaware 1

Part 2: 

evernote phishing email beaware 2




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